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Letter to Lehmann

To Hofrath Lehmann

Dear friend!

I beg you to send me the 3rd powder trituration of the remedies listed which until now you didn't send to me and to hand them to Malchen*; she will bring them with her to me, with several lines from your hand, so that I see that you are still alive, even well, healthy and happy, also how your beloved ones are.
Both of us here are well and send hearty regards to all of you

Your Sam. Hahnemann

Paris, March 23


He referred to Amalie, one of Hahnemann's daughters (in 1841 married to Heinrich Moritz Liebe)

While Hahnemann stayed in Paris, he sent the letter printed above to his friend Dr. Lehmann.
Dudgeon writes about this letter:” This little note possesses not particular interest in itself’..’
The fact that Hahnemann asked for the 3rd trituration of several remedies, leads to the conclusion that these triturations should be used for manufacturing LM- (Q-) potencies, which Hahnemann always made himself.
Therefore this note is of interest, because here we get the confirmation, that from 1841 Hahnemann started to use LM- (Q-) potencies more often as is also seen in the casebooks.

The facsimile of this letter is found in Hahnemann’s ’Lesser writings’. I transcribed the original letter in German and retranslated it - so my translation is slightly differing from the text printed in the ‘Lesser writings’.

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