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Hahnemann about Repertories

(Source: 'Der Briefwechsel zwischen Samuel Hahnemann und Clemens von Bönninghausen', Haug Verlag, 1997)

Quote No.1:
p.92 :Letter from Hahnemann to von Boenninghausen, November 25, 1833

    "16 years ago I manufactored for myself in this manner a dictionary of symptoms of the then proven remedies, and written by myself, in a big folio-volume, which I haven't had the opportunity to show you. An actual one would be twice the size, although in fine print and nice white paper it would only have the size of a thick 'Großoktav'-tome."
    Of the antipsoric remedies alone Dr. Rückert (who afterwards published his systematic presentation) has written one [dictionary, GR] for me here in Köthen 4 years ago, when coming back from Liefland in autumn he didn't have at once a possibility to stay, where for this reason I then supported him here for 6 months. This last register hasn't resulted as perfect, however, as I wished, for the elaboration of the symptoms according to the modalities is mainly lacking - except the night-symptoms, which appear to be complete."

Quote No. 2:
p. 111: Letter from Hahnemann to von Boenninghausen, December 26, 1834:

    "Even if the homoeopathicians perceive that the repertories are insufficient for finding the best remedy [aid, GR] for every case of disease, nevertheless they calm down when they have such an overview in their hands, and then believe (with some probability) to be able to dispense with the sources and don't buy and don't use them."

(Translation and Copyright by Gaby Rottler, 2000)

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